Turntable Helpful Hints

Turntable Helpful Hints

1.  Turntables and record players are becoming increasingly popular again due to the beautiful quality of sound from records, or vinyls as younger enthusiasts like to call them. Many times old turntables that have sat in the garage, attic or back room are just as good as they were when they were put up, with one exception – the turntable belt inside them that turns the record platter has 1.) stretched over time and will no longer turn the platter, 2.) deteriorated over time and become a gooey mess, or 3.) lays in pieces around the platter and motor. If you have an old turntable, replacing the turntable belt is easy. We have a how-to video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTJd_WbEhEs&feature=youtube_gdata for replacing your turntable belt. We have a large selection of belts if you already have a turntable, and coming soo, we will have a large selection of turntables if you don't. 

2.  It is wonderful to listen to your music on a turntable. The tonal quality is unsurpassed when compared to digital music. That is, when everything on the turntable is working right.  Sometimes, especially if the turntable has been put up for a while, a little troubleshooting may be required.
Do your records sound to slow? The first thing to check would be the belt if you have a belt drive turntable. Look to see if it appears or feels loose. If it seems loose to you, then it probably is. No belt should feel loose. When a belt is loose, it can slip on the motor pulley and cause inconsistent or slow sounding music. This is typically the problem with slow playing records. We stock a wide variety of high quality 
turntable-belts in many sizes and should have the right belt for you.

3.  Turntables are top-quality sound producers of music. If yours is not producing high quality sound and if it is an older model, you can troubleshoot with a couple of questions. Did you replace your turntable belt and your records still don’t sound right? The motor may be weak. You could replace the motor but you really can’t get motors for most of the older turntables. The only thing left to do most of the time, is to replace the whole turntable.  See our selection of 
traditional turntables and usb turntables .  We can get you back to enjoying your vinyls or records again.

USB Turntables that connect to your computer have several uses. Not only can they play your vinyl records at home because they are USB enabled for connection to Windows-equipped PCs and Macs, but they can also convert your record music into MP3s, CDs, or other digital formats. How many times have you wished you had your favorite record album with you in the car? Now you can, by using a USB turntable to capture your vinyl record albums. You can convert them into CDs or you can just use the digital files if you have a newer stereo in your car. Wish no longer! Convert your classic vinyl albums to digital formats with one of our USB turntables. 

5.  There is something about listening to your old records that just brings back so many good memories. Music takes you back to those past times of your life. However, if you can’t play your vinyls on your turntable then you can’t listen to them. Perhaps your old turntable’s belt broke a long time ago and you haven’t replaced it yet. Or maybe the turntable platter belt has turned gooey and stuck to the turntable. A replacement belt may be easier to find than you may think. Regardless of your turntable manufacturer or model, there are replacement turntable belts available to you. We have a large variety of turntable belt sizes at great prices. A replacement turntable belt may be all you need to get your turntable working so you can listen to those vinyls again. We also have a video telling how to replace your belt.

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